• Classic Coin Ring Starter Kit - Coin Ring Tools - Jason's Works Classic Coin Ring Tool Holder - Jason's Works - Coin Rings Tools
    By popular demand, now you can store your coin ring tools and organize your work space. Made from high quality red oak, this tool holder will hold your classic self centering coin ring punch, five punches, penny and dime 1/4" hole mandrel, all four stabilizing universal cones and spacer, stabilizing universal cone mandrel and the NEW starter cone. *A recent review: "Excellent tray holds my punch body, all 5 size punches/dies, all 4 folding cones, folding cone spacer, stainless steel starter cone, and the small mandrel for making dimes/pennies. Finished with what appears to be a light varnish to protect the surface while retaining the wood's natural color. The inside of each recess is bare. I might add a little clear coat or varnish in them, but I'm undecided on that as of now. If they were varnished I think the tools may clank around in each hole so maybe bare wood is the better option. I also got the Folding Die Holder which has the same finish as this. Excellent quality wood with no imperfections or cracks!" Angus MacGyver on Apr 25, 2016 5 out of 5 stars *Tools not included*
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  • Coin Ring Tools USA Complete Set - Master Deluxe Kit - Jason's Works
    Almost a $1,800 value if each tool is purchased separately! This kit is designed for the person who wants every Jason's Works tool, the best of the best! Even before I started offering tools (I was directing people in my manual to my machinist to make them tools at the time), my machinist told me he kept getting requests for "the whole gamut" of tools. Well, that is finally available! This kit includes: - 9 piece Auto punch kit (does not require spacers) - 11 piece reduction die kit - Folding and stretching kit - Master Swede kit - Coin ring manual (A PDF file will be emailed to you upon processing your order. Commonly known as "The coin ring Bible". You can print this off if you would like a hard copy. New and free PDF editions will be sent to you upon request.) - Three rolls of pipe tape - Three Jason's Works Stickers - Jason's Works business card Always wear safety glasses when using this punch/die set and a brass hammer. Please view this video for proper use of the punch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIkQy1H6MiI&t=149s *COINS AND RINGS NOT INCLUDED*
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