NEW! Large 25 degree die for getting that "fat tire" look on your larger coin rings. By popular demand, this is a double sided reduction die with 1.3" and 1.4" openings. The faces are at a special 25 degree, allowing for the detail on the outside of the coin ring to be better protected while reducing during the final sizing. This die is specifically used to achieve a fat tire look on the larger sized rings. (Remember, that fat tire look is achieved by over sizing your target size by several sizes and then reducing the ring down to your target size). This die is to be used in conjunction with the other dies available and not by itself alone. Coins that can be used are the half dollar, dollar and Silver Eagle. * NOTE * This die should be used after the initial reducing has been done from the other dies in the set, and not by itself alone. This die will help your large coin rings to achieve more of the rounded edge look (Fat Tire). *The coins pictured are not included* Copy and paste this address into your internet browser address bar to see a youtube video using a die: NOTE: A detailed description of the coin ring making process can be found in "How to Make Coin Rings" training manual found here: