Coin Ring Making - Classes - Custom Coin Rings and Coin Ring ToolsClasses Offered at Rio Grande

A three-day course offered at one of the largest jewellery tool distributors in the world. Located in beautiful Albuquerque New Mexico.

Learn to make incredibly beautiful and detailed rings from minted coins in this class taught by metalsmith and innovator Jason Stinchfield.

Learn the techniques he developed and apply them to cut, fold, shape and size rings while preserving their depth and detail, outside and inside. Virtually any coin can be made into a ring, so the possibilities are endless. With this technique, you can also make seamless rings using tools such as the Bonny Doon pattern plates, Durston rolling mills and from many different materials including mokume-gane.
NOTE: We provide all the tools and equipment for use in the class, including four coins to use for making rings.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this three-day class!
• Learn where and how to choose your coins (four coins are provided, but feel free to bring additional coins with you if you like).
• Discover the aspects of custom orders you may receive when making a coin ring from coins supplied by the customer.
• Learn the concepts of seamless ring construction and the advantages of the technique.
• Discover new possibilities to increase your jewellery making portfolio:
– annealing techniques
– patina techniques
– basic and advanced techniques for coin ring/seamless ring making using innovative tools.

What you’ll take home with you:
• The pieces you make in class.
• A wealth of knowledge and ideas
• The spark to expand your jewellery making skills.

Also, with time permitting, a 1 hour tour of Rio Grande. This is something not to miss!


“Top of the line instruction, classroom, and equipment. Staff is great, loved the tour!”

“…ease of learning and new friends were made. Jason is awesome with everyone and makes class fun and a great learning experience. Looking forward to future classes here at Rio Grande.”

“The Instructor (Jason) had a good sense of humor and did not talk in a monotone voice and was pretty funny. A lot of material was covered and at no time was I bored or ahead. I was busy the whole class. Ronnie was funny too.”

“Knowledgeable but approachable instructors. Instructors knew how to do the artwork but more importantly, how to “teach” students how to do it. Fast paced. Really liked getting my money’s worth out of the time available.”

Rio Grande class reviews

Coin Ring Making - Classes - Custom Coin Rings and Coin Ring Tools

Personal One-On-One Training

Meet me at my shop and learn the craft of coin ring making and much more. Spend as much (or little) time with me as you like. We can customize your training so you get the most out of it as possible.

Located on the beautiful central coast of California, in the middle of wine country. Paso Robles California and neighbouring towns offer many opportunities for a great getaway. From Hearst Castle, wine tasting, the Pacific Ocean, and award-winning restaurants.

Here are just some of the things you can learn and accomplish:

  • Learn coin ring making from any coin and material using the most recent tools and techniques
  • How to take your own photos
  • Try out each tool to see what works for you
  • Purchase your Jason’s Works tools on site to bring back home to your bench
  • Visit the shop where the Jason’s Works tools are made
  • Business and marketing strategy
  • Patterning metal for seamless ring making
  • Alloying silver and gold
  • Creating and forming your own sterling silver sheet metal
  • Creating your own sterling silver wire
  • General silversmithing
  • Damascus forging
  • Knifemaking
  • Mokume Gane construction
  • Hydraulic press metal forming
  • Sand casting
  • Mobile sharpening service
  • Tree felling and bucking
  • Dozer and excavator operation in extreme terrain
  • Trail layout, design, and construction
  • Butchering and meat processing

Contact me to inquire on prices and availability so we can begin to customize your personal training!

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What can I say about Jason (Jason’s Works)? Well, there’s not too many words to describe the great person Jason is as an instructor, as a professional, as a person. My learning experience from Jason is life changing. He’s patient, understanding, and his passion for your learning experience is second to none. If your looking for hands-on, then look no more. I would recommend learning from Jason if you are looking for someone who loves teaching and loves helping other people improve their lives

Thank you, Jason, for helping me on my new journey
Ricky Baldwin