This will depend on several factors. The first factor is do you want to sell quantity or quality?

If it is quantity, then you should be near the lower end of the market. Say $5 for a clad quarter. That is pretty low, but you’ll sell a lot. Do some research though and see what the market is showing. $19.95 for a silver half dollar is common. $30 an hour is a respectable earning for a skilled artisan. See if your work and price come close to that amount after material costs.

If you are going for quality, then you need to bump the price up but make sure you are worth the cost. The quality has to be high, Also, do not make clad coin rings if going for quality. The “green finger” will come back to bite you with unhappy customers. I started with silver coinage at relatively low prices and worked my way into gold and platinum. As my name got out and demand increased, I raised my prices to lower demand. The other option would be to hire employees. I didn’t want to do that, but you might?

The second factor is where are you going to be selling them? Internet, jewelry stores, coin shops? If selling in stores, is it a tourist location? The internet is great. It allows everybody with a computer to be a possible customer. Coin shops and jewelry shops are good as well. Offer them a wholesale price or barter for coins if they have them. Offer a deal for every five coins, you’ll make them one to sell.