Auto Punch + (1) Punch / Die Combo



(Note: The Auto punches will not work in the classic self centering punch)

What you will receive:
– Top and bottom Auto Punch housing.
– One punch and die. Size of your choice. Select available sizes.
– One protective plastic washer to protect the top housing during transport.
FREE PDF Training Manual “How To Make Coin Rings” (Swedish Wrap Technique)
FREE Excel Engine Calculator For Alloying Your Coin Silver Scrap Into Sterling Silver

Watch an in depth video about the punch here:


There are no moving parts that can break or be miss aligned. The only thing that moves is the coin to the dead center of the punch. It is the K.I.S.S method at it’s finest.

Here are the steps to punch a coin:
1. Choose a punch size you would like to use.
2. Place that size die into the mouth of the pedestal that is in the bottom punch housing.
3. Place your coin on top of the pedestal (a piece of paper towel is optional to help protect detail).
4. Hold the bottom housing on a flat surface and screw down the top housing. (It helps to align the double lead thread by first counter rotating slightly)
5. As the top screws down, the cone shape centers the coin on the pedestal and securely holds it on the edge of the coin away from the detail.
6. Tighten the top housing securely.
7. Insert your punch and hammer or press away!

Here are just some of the features it has:
– Punches coins from dime size to almost 2 inches!
– Double lead thread for fast threading. 2 x the speed of the current punch! ( By popular demand of several people 🙂 )
– Zinc plating for long term rust resistance
– Top quality tool steel construction and hardened to last last a lifetime
– Thin dies for immediate plug removal during punching
– Specially ground cutting faces on the punches for smooth and efficient punching. No “POP” when using a hydraulic press.
– Comes with a plastic washer to protect the top housing during transport. (It is best to not dry fit the punch without the protective washer or coin to protect the punch)

The hole size has a direct effect on the band width of the finished ring. The bigger the hole, the smaller the band width for a specific coin. I believe the largest possible ring sizes for coins look best with a wider bands as the material stretches thinner and the smallest possible ring sizes for coins look best with larger holes as the material compresses and elongates.

These are the sizes I like to use on coins. This is personal preference though.
– 1/4″ for dimes, pennies and plugs from large coins. This offers a wide ring band for these size coins.
– 3/8″ Dimes, pennies, nickels, and large ring size quarters
– 7’/16″ Quarters and large ring size half dollars
– 1/2″ Half dollars and large ring size silver dollars
– 5/8″ Silver dollars and large ring size silver eagles
– 3/4″ Small ring size silver dollars, silver eagles and larger coins
– 5/16″
– 9/16″
– 11/16″

Brian Smith is the man who first conceived of this idea. It is brilliant! Brian contacted me and told me of his idea of combining the auto centering aspect of the reduction dies with the self centering punch. My jaw hit the floor! It was brilliant, simple, and effective. Now…how do we do it? After a lot of brainstorming, testing, prototyping, and trial and error, this is the finished outcome. A punch that automatically centers a coin or any round blank of material and SECURELY holds it down for use with a HAMMER or a HYDRAULIC PRESS.

Thank you Jason Carnes for requesting the size marked on the dies and Russ for getting it done!

A common question I get is “Jason, what about the classic punch that is so popular? Do you still plan to sell those?” Yes I plan to continue on selling the classic punch, it has been tested and proven to be a solid design. I plan to offer more options for a better introductory price for coin ringers. If you already own one, you have several options as I see. You can keep it as a back up or use it to build a mobile kit (someone told me that is what they are doing and I believe it is brilliant! I plan to do the same. One set of tools for the shop and the other for the mobile unit ) Another option is to sell your classic punch. It is known to be the best punch on the market and I believe would retain much of its value. I have done this with several of my own jewelry tools to upgrade to the next one.

A HUGE thank you to Brian Smith, Keith Tremblay,Robert Gibb (BFG Custom Coin Rings) Bob, Russ, Troy, Rich, the folks at the 2016 CRC Nashville Coin Ring Convention and all the members of Coin Ring Crafters group on Facebook for making this amazing tool a reality!

Watch an in depth video about the punch here:


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