One “Coin Ring Bearer” Used with Swedish Wrap dies for extruding rings


New! “Ring Bearer”.

This is a die used in conjunction with Swedish Wrap dies to allow space for the ring to be extruded. Simply place your Swedish die into the groove of the “Ring Bearer”. The ‘Ring Bearer” aligns the Swedish die so there is no chance of the ring coming in contact and possibly damaging the ring. There is a cut away portion of the die so you can see the extrusion process.

The “Ring Bearer” will also fit with standard dies and can be used to support and lift the standard dies when using folding tools. (will not fit the “Big Boy”Die).

NOTE: This die will work in conjunction with arbor and hydraulic presses.


Coin Ring Bearer Tutorial Video:

NOTE: A detailed description of the coin ring making process can be found in “How to Make Coin Rings” training manual found here:

Special thanks to Freddy Svensly for inventing the tool, Heather Hooker Duncan for coming up with the name and Jody Pettit and others on Coin Ring Crafters on Facebook for all the help.


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