THE ORIGINAL Master Swede Kit


The coin ring technique called the Swedish Wrap, (created by Mikael Möller from Sweden) is now available!

*Now you can make the smallest rings from the biggest coins!

This is the full kit and comes with three hardened stainless steel Swedish wrap dies, 9 hardened bronze plungers, ring bearer, three Ross Push Followers, two rolls of pipe tape, two stickers, and a FREE tool holder. These dies are designed to be the most efficient Swedish wrap dies available.

For additional information you can view a training video here:

And also get detailed step by step instructions from my training manual available here:



Buy the complete set and save! The larger the kit, the bigger the savings.

Designed to have the best Swedish Wrap tools all in one kit.
– A total of three Swedish dies designed for reducing rings made from Silver Eagles all the way down to dimes (17 degree dies are needed to fold and reduce the coins first).
– A set of “Tall” hard bronze plungers These are the best quality available being hard bronze, engraved witness lines and being hand lapped. Used for heavy duty pressing.
– All three Ross push followers for fast pressing on light to medium duty reducing with urethane plugs inserted (not is cover picture)
– A ring bearer for full extrusion of the ring out of the bottom of the Swede dies
– A wood holder to organize all your tools.
– Two rolls of pipe tape
– Two Jason’s Works stickers

NEW! Urethane plugs designed to help support the legs and keep them from slipping in the ring. Thank you John Harkai for this idea and Mike Beaclaire finding the plugs. The plugs are blue or red depending on the size of the Ross pusher you order. Please leave them inside the pusher. Feel free to adjust them forward or backward to give you different amounts of support as needed.

Video showing the new inserts:

*NOTE: these taller bronze plungers are specially designed to bottom out when the plunger is flush with its corresponding die (see pictures above). This removes the chance of damaging the plungers by over pressing especially when using a hydraulic press.

It is o.k. for the plungers to have small dings and scratches when they become well used. If need be, you can always lap the surfaces using a piece of 200 grit sandpaper.

*NOTE: Remember the 5 most important steps in the Swedish Wrap method.
1. Anneal a lot. Preferably once for every plunger distance when working with silver. Up to two with brass. Better to anneal too often than not enough.
2. Use lots of pipe tape, re-wrap after each press/anneal. Better to use too much than too little. I wrap up to 30 times for a half dollar and 40 times for a dollar if I’m using the thin tape. It depends on the thickness of the tape and how tough the coin is. Luckily it’s cheap. Rolls can be found for well under a dollar at stores or online.
3. It is better to press the reeded side. Prior to pressing, make sure the plunger completely covers the reeded side of the coin. If it does not, use a 17 or 25 degree die to fold in the reeded side until the plunger covers the reeded side.
4. Do not over-press the plungers when using a hydraulic press or large arbor press. Know where each plunger bottoms out on the dies.
5. Feel free to experiment with different ideas and have fun!


The Ross Push Follower designed for Jason’s Works Swedish Dies, The Small is for the .6 x .9 Quarter Swede die, Medium is for the .8 x 1.1 half dollar Swede die, and the Large is for the 1.0 x 1.4 Dollar Swede Die

Conceived by Sam “Ross” Scafferi with Ross Coin Rings, the push followers have been slightly modified from his original design to efficiently press rings down and through Jason’s Works Swedish Wrap Dies (The coin ring technique called the Swedish Wrap, created by Mikael Möller from Sweden). Sam contacted me with his idea and wanted to see if this could be presented to the coin ring community to help with using the Swedish Wrap technique. With Sam’s prototype and much help from many people, the Ross Push Follower is now available. These are designed for light to medium duty. You can fully press and extrude a silver quarter, silver half dollar, and silver dollar through their respective Swede die with only one anneal.

*NOTE* The bronze plungers are still the best for heavy duty pushing.

How to use the Ross Push Follower:
1. Fold and reduce the coin ring as needed to fit into a Swedish die.
2. Anneal and wrap the ring with pipe tape.
3. Lube the inside of the die with coconut oil (Thank you Adam McKinney for that tip!)
4. Press your wrapped coin, reed side down, into a 25 degree die. This will cut the tape around the edge of the reed. (See picture above) This helps to keep the pusher from
slipping into the ring and damaging the pusher.
5. Insert the coin ring into the appropriate Swede die reed side up (see picture above).
6 Press using an arbor press or similar press and rotate the Pusher between short presses. This reduces the likelihood of deforming the ring (see picture above).
7. To have a perfectly straight wall, flip the ring over to the reed side down just before you reach your target size. Reduce to your target size with the reed side down.
8. To have a more rounded ring (fat tire or synclastic) remove the ring a few sizes above your target size and finish in a 25 degree reduction die.
9. Use the witness lines for repeatable sizing of your rings.


Tips and tricks:
1. Do not over press. These pushers are designed for light to medium duty. The first sign of failure is when the leg or post of the pusher begins to bend. When high pressures are
needed, the bronze pushers are best to use.
2. If you do over press and damage the pusher, it will most likely chip the edge of the pusher. This can be repaired by compressing the pusher’s legs with a zip tie (see above
picture) and sanding, filing, grinding the face flat while compressed. (Thank you Skyler Jenkins for this tip!). These are considered consumable but with proper use and maintenance, they can last a lifetime.
3. If the pusher begins to have a “memory” of a taper. You can insert the 1/4″ mandrel (see picture above) to regain the original straight shape. Leave the mandrel in overnight for
best results.

For additional information you can view a training video here:

Stay tuned for another video coming out showing the tall brass in use.
(video coming soon)

And also get detailed step by step instructions from my training manual available here:


*A special thank you to Mikael Möller, Robert Gibb (BFG Coin Rings), Bob, Russ, Troy, Mike Henry, Adam McKinney, Skyler Jenkins (Coin Rings by the Mint), Rocky Workman, Joshua Janes and countless others on Coin Ring Crafters on Facebook. You all made this possible! 🙂




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