Great question on the stone setting! I need to do a video on that.


For quarters I use a 2mm stone, half dollars 2.5 mm, and silver dollars. 3.5 mm

Start with a 1 – 1.5 mm drill for the starting hole, depending on stone size. I then use a ball (or round) burr the size of the stone (or slightly smaller). This quickly removes material for the next burr. I also deburr the hole inside of the ring with the ball so it does not catch on the finger. I finish the stone setting hole with a stone conical burr, the size of the stone (or slightly smaller). You can enlarge the hole if need be with a slightly smaller burr but you can’t shrink the hole if you use one that is too big. A pair of calipers is nice to size the stone and burrs to be sure.

I like to do a 3 bead set but there are lots of ways to set the stone. The 3 bead set is fast and pretty. Start with a point graver to push and hold the stone in place and create a sliver at the same time. I then use a knife graver to clean up on either side of the sliver. There is a specific way to hold the graver and manipulate it to cut efficiently. Put the ball of the handle in the palm of your hand and hold the graver cutter with the thumb and forefinger. Choke way up on the graver with your thumb. I like to place my thumb on the ring as well for better control. The technique is to wiggle the graver back and forth slightly to initiate the cut under control. Watch out with your other hand if you slip! I’ve lost a bit of blood that way 😉  A sharp graver is critical. Check sharpness with your finger nail. If it bites, it’s sharp. If it slips, it’s dull. Then use a bead setting tool to bead the sliver. Clean up around the stone with a burnishing tool.

I use Rio Grande for most of the tools and materials.

Drill Motor:


Quick Change Handle:


Birthstones. I can’t find the month sets but they should have them?–diamonds/?Material=Alexandrite%2CAmethyst%2CAquamarine%2CDiamond%2CGarnet%2CPeridot%2CRuby%2CSapphire%2CTopaz%2CTourmaline%2CZircon

Drill and burrs (make sure to match the shaft size to your motor, I just pulled these up for shape reference):

Bead setting tool:

Hope this helps!