New! “BIG BOY” Folding/Reduction Die!

This is a double sided reduction die as described in my manual with 1.700″ and 1.800″ openings. This die can be used to start folding and reducing larger privately minted silver, brass, and copper rounds while using the stabilizer folding cones and mandrels to begin folding these rounds leaving no mark on the inside of the coin.

Named “BIG BOY” die for Rocky Workman who made this die possible. Thanks to everyone on Coin Ring Crafters on facebook that helped this die come to fruition.

NOTE: This die will fit under the new Durston ring stretcher/reducer but will not fit under the older model unless the center pin is removed that spins the multiple holed die plate that comes with the stretcher.

NOTE: This die will work in conjunction with arbor and hydraulic presses.

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NOTE: A detailed description of the coin ring making process can be found in “How to Make Coin Rings” training manual found here: