Spacer of your choice for the self centering coin punch


Order the size spacer you need in the drop-down menu below. For multiple coin ring spacers, please add each one you need to your shopping cart separately.
Options include:
  • Angel Isle of Man
  • Silver Eagle
  • Morgan Dollar
  • U.S. Presidential dollar, Susan B, and Sacagawea
  • U.S. Half dollar
  • U.S. Quarter
  • U.S. Nickel
  • U.S. Dime (this spacer includes a top plate to hold down your dime in the punch housing)
These spacers are to be used in conjunction with the self centering coin punch found here:


Here is an Etsy review of the U.S Nickel coin ring spacer:

“Perfectly centers U.S. nickels every time I punched one without any slop. I got a spacer for every U.S. coin size, and they all fit exactly right! It seems like these are all made within 1/1000th inch tolerance which is amazing, giving me an exactly centered hole every time.”
Angus MacGyver on Apr 25, 2016
5 out of 5 stars

View an introduction video of the Silver Eagle Spacer:


Here is a video showing how to use the classic coin punch:


It is to be used in conjunction with the self-centering coin punch found here:

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