Classic Self Centering Coin Ring Punch Kit and Die Set. One punch and spacer of your choice (this punch requires spacers to center coins)


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The Classic self centering coin ring punch and die set made in the U.S.A. Get that perfectly centered hole in your coins to make double sided coin rings. Spacers are required in this punch to center coins in the punch. (Be sure to check out the new Auto punch that does not require spacers)

One Spacer and one Punch and die size of your choice as well as spacer



The punches are made from aircraft grade chromoly 4130 steel and heat treated to last. A 5 degree bevel cutting face on the punches for easy sharpening, if ever needed.

The punches and dies can be interchanged for each coin if different sized holes are desired in the coins. The punch sizes are 3/8″, 7/16″ and 1/2″. The housing has been zinc electroplated to resist rust, knurled top and bottom for ease of tightening and a quick thread pitch to lock down the coin quickly and tight. Comes with the housing and three sets of punches, dies and zinc electroplated spacers for U.S quarters, halves, and Morgan dollars only.

Custom spacers can be ordered here:

See the punch in action:

Always wear safety glasses when using this punch/die set and a brass hammer.


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