THE ORIGINAL Hardened Stainless Steel Coin Ring Anvil. Fix Wobbly Coin Rings


Made from hardened stainless steel, this anvil is used to help straighten wobbly coin rings and is made to be used with a ring sizing machine or other presses. If your coin ring begins to get a wobble or deformation, especially found in Ben Franklin halves and silver Washington quarters, use this anvil and a press to help straighten it out. This can be used with the ring sizer or an arbor/hydraulic press.

You can apply the UHMW adhesive tape to your ram and this anvil to help protect the reeded edge of the coin ring.

“These are handy, I have two, because Im always losing one or the other of them. If you use this in conjunction with the ball bearings, you can straighten just about all of your wobbly rings. and most of the time A little sand paper is needed as well.” – James (Etsy, Jan 8, 2018)


Here are some testimonials I recently received regarding these tools in my Etsy store:

“Just a quick note to you to thank you for always being ahead of the curve and providing us with the best tools I’ve ever used in this craft. your dedication and willingness to help us all is incredibly inspiring. Thanks Jason, I’m a huge fan, and a willing ambassador of your products.”
-Bill Ludicke (Capital Coin Rings, Inc.)

“I have so much more confidence with the art of making rings since you sent me your manual, dies and folding cone so I wanted you to know I’m absolutely grateful. It definitely comes down to the equipment! Thank you…
Sincerely,” -Roy

“Perfectly machined and finished stainless steel puck that helped me straighten a wobbly ring. I found that if I fold the ring with a certain procedure, it doesn’t become wobbly so I haven’t used this since then, but it’s definitely worth the price to have it just in case you have to save an expensive silver or gold ring. Even saving a clad ring is worth the time you would have wasted if you didn’t have this, so it’s definitely worth having this in the long run.”
-Angus MacGyver

“…….. I made 4 rings so far.
For my first attempt I picked a random quarter because I didn’t think it would turn out perfect without some practice. Strangely, all turned out amazing and look like the ones you make! …………..The other 3 rings turned out perfect and I attribute it to your tools and videos because I wouldn’t have known how to fix wobbly rings or any other problems if your training videos weren’t so detailed and informative. I’ll send you pics of these four rings tomorrow because I forgot my camera at work yesterday so I’ll grab it when I go in. I’ll also be sure to leave you 5-star feedback for every tool I purchased and used ………….. I’ll probably try dry lube like you have soon. …..the quarter turned out perfect without it and that was the first one I made. I’ll get the 17 degree die set shortly so I can make larger coins since the Durston’s stock die plate can’t accommodate anything larger than a half dollar size. Damn this is a fun hobby! Thanks again for making the best commercially available coin ring making tools in the world. The quality, craftsmanship, designs, and ease-of-use are incredible! Totally worth the +$1000 I spent on them!” -Dean

See this video for the technique used. With this tool, it will be much easier:




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