By popular demand, now you can store your folding/reduction dies and coin ring anvil to organize your work space. Made from high quality red oak, this tool holder will hold up to 8 reduction dies for easy access while making your coin rings.

* A recent review:

“Excellent tray holds all my folding dies! Finished with what appears to be a light varnish to protect the surface while retaining the wood’s natural color. The inside of each recess is bare. I might add a little clear coat or varnish in them, but I’m undecided on that as of now. If they were varnished I think the dies may clank around in each hole so maybe bare wood is the better option. I also got the Coin Ring Tool Holder which has the same finish as this. Excellent quality wood with no imperfections or cracks!”
Angus MacGyver on Apr 25, 2016
5 out of 5 stars

*Tools not included*