“How to Make Coin Rings” Training Manual Edition #42 (Swedish Wrap Technique!) PDF DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – NOT A PHYSICAL COPY

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*Newly revised edition describing the Swedish Wrap Technique. Plus an Excel sterling calculator for free!

Learn the secret of how to make rings from coins and the new method to keep the detail on the inside of the coin and many other tricks like how to get the best patina on your silver coin rings. 100% money back guarantee. This 53 page PDF manual will walk you through the process of making rings from dimes, quarters, half dollars, silver dollars, and even silver eagles! Learn how to easily get that beautiful round shape that is so hard to get. You can make these as gifts for friends and family or sell them on the side for a little extra spending money. If you want, you could even create your own business! I believe my process of making these rings is the fastest and most efficient with the highest quality of workmanship. This new process does not require hammers, wood blocks, mandrels or arbor / hydraulic presses. With a little practice, you will be able to make a ring in a matter of minutes.



Do you want to learn how to make coin rings using the best techniques or the Jason’s Works’ way?

This manual includes a list of all tools and materials needed with an estimated cost breakdown. It also includes schematic drawings of dies that are needed to make rings from larger coins such as half dollars and dollar coins in case you want them made.

I will also work with you one on one if you have questions or need help via email. I am so confident you will enjoy this manual that I am offering a money back guarantee. When you purchase a manual, you can request any new additions that come out whenever you like.

This listing is for a training manual (English & German version) only, a 68 page PDF file you can download after purchase. This does not include a ring or coin.

The training manual is a 5.71 MB PDF file that contains hundreds of photos, 6 tables, 4 schematic drawings and is 53 pages in length. You can print the manual for easier study while you make your rings.

This training manual took many hours to write, photograph, and edit. It contains copyrighted material and may not be duplicated without consent of the author.

You are encouraged to sell your coin rings, but please do not share or sell my instructions and photos. Thank you.


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