Choose the size punch and die you want for your classic self centering Jason’s Works punch housing. Ideal to grow your punch kit or replace a worn or damaged punch. The punch and dies are made from hardened tool steel for long lasting punching. You can resharpen your punches for ultimate performance.

Available sizes are:
– 1/4″ (bushing die)
– 3/8″ (bushing die)
– 7/16″ (bushing die)
– 1/2″ (bushing die)
– 5/8″ (washer plate die)
– 3/4″ (washer plate die)

*NOTE: The punch housing and spacers are not included.

*Here is a video showing how to use the coin punch:

NOTE: Here is a video showing how to use the washerplate type dies for the 5/8″ ad 3/4″ punches and the mega stretcher:

NOTE: You can use either side of the washer platedie in the punch housing.