Rose/Jenkins Bell Tool, Riser, and Ring Bearer


A Rose/Jenkins Bell Tool, Riser and ring bearer with a viewing window to watch your coin while using your dapping punch.


A Rose/Jenkins Bell Tool, Riser and ring bearer with a viewing window to watch your coin while using your dapping punch.

For additional information on how to make bells and one of the persons that inspired these tools, visit Skyler Jenkins video here:

NOTE: Stay tuned for a Jason’s Works (JW) Bell video using these tools.

The first coin bell was created by Edward Rose. His work can be found on Facebook in the private group Coin Ring Crafters. He has helped inspire these tools as well as Skyler Jenkins, “Change You Can Wear”. Watch Skyler’s first bell video here:

Simply place a coin in a Jason’s Works 17 degree die that fits, it must sit inside on the bevel of the die. It is ok if it is slightly lower than the top. Place the Bell Tool on top of the die as seen in the pictures above and press a dapping punch of the size you want down on to the coin or other no ferrous disc. I like to anneal the coin and use a 1 ton arbor press. A hydraulic press can be used but be sure your ram is straight and true and use the press carefully. Remember, “power tools make power mistakes”.

The bell tool is designed to sit on top of different sized 17 degree dies for dapping non ferrous coins and discs. There is a viewing window so you can watch the coin during the doming process. The Bell Tool can also double as a riser for your other 17 degree, 25 degree folding dies and your Swedish dies as well. You can extrude out of the bottom of the swede die and into the Bell Tool Riser. (See the pictures above).

What size dap do I need? This depends on you. What coins will you be using and what shape do you like? I like to use multiple sized Bell Daps to get the shape I desire and finish in a Swede die to get a 90 degree shoulder on the cap of the bell. I like to use the smallest dapping punch (.75″) from dimes to half dollars to get them started. The next size up for the next sized coins. Larger coins make larger bells. Remember the JW saying, “If it fits, It’ll work”.

Stay tuned for an updated training manual:

*A special thank you to Edward Rose, Skyler Jenkins, Bob, Russ, Troy, Mike Henry, Adam McKinney, Skyler Jenkins (Coin Rings by the Mint), Rocky Workman, Joshua Janes and countless others on Coin Ring Crafters on Facebook. You all made this possible! 🙂



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