Single Die for the Auto Punch (Punch not included)


(NOTE: The Auto punches will not work in the classic self centering punch)
(NOTE: Punch housing and punch not included)

Choose the die size you would like. For multiple dies, please add multiple orders to your cart.

The hole size has a direct effect on the band width of the finished ring. The bigger the hole, the smaller the band width for a specific coin. I believe the largest possible ring sizes for coins look best with a wider bands as the material stretches thinner and the smallest possible ring sizes for coins look best with larger holes as the material compresses and elongates.


These are the sizes I like to use on coins. This is personal preference though.
– 1/4″ for dimes, pennies and plugs from large coins. This offers a wide ring band for these size coins.
– 5/16″
– 3/8″ Dimes, pennies, nickels, and large ring size quarters
– 7’/16″ Quarters and large ring size half dollars
– 1/2″ Half dollars and large ring size silver dollars
– 9/16″
– 5/8″ Silver dollars and large ring size silver eagles
– 11/16″
– 3/4 ” Small ring size silver dollars, silver eagles and larger coins

Watch the tutorial video: Coin Ring Tool – Punch/ Die Combo.

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