One Spacer or Stabilizer Folding Cone of Your Choice


NEW STABILIZING TOOLS! Replaces the delrin balls and stops coins from slipping in reduction dies when folding when using a ring stretcher reducer!

*The full set is recommended. This cone is intended to replace a damaged or lost cone from the set.

This is the stabilizer folding cone used to fold coins when using a ring stretcher/reducer machine with reduction dies. Use this cone to assist in folding half dollar, dollar, and American Silver Eagle sized coins. This is the first cone to use when beginning to fold a half dollar sized coin.

These stabilizing cones are designed to replace the Delrin Folding Balls when using a ring stretcher/reducer machine to fold your coins. They use the same principal as the balls with added benefits. These cones will stabilize the coin in reduction dies, therefore not requiring a special stabilizing die for each type of coin. Just set the coin level in the universal reduction die, insert your folding cone and press the coin down through the hole.


The process is to insert a cone that both fits in the hole of the coin and under the ram of the ring stretcher/reducer machine. If the cone is too tall, simply go for a smaller cone and/or insert the coin into a larger reduction die therefore dropping the coin lower from the ram.

As the coin folds, use smaller dies and larger cones (and a spacer if needed) to finish the folding process. Be sure to anneal the coin as needed during the folding process.

The cone is made from a very durable and strong material, stronger than delrin yet softer than silver so it will not damage any detail to coins.

Here is a testimonial from a gentleman that tried out the stabilizer folding cones

“Hello Jason, I got the new delrin replacement tool yesterday and I spent several hours today using it – What a great idea! I am sure that this is going to become the new standard for making coin rings. I don’t know if you can patent it, but when this comes out I think you will be copied by all others who make tools.
No more slipping with the cone shape (but you still have to go slow to make sure the coin stays even). It also gives a more uniform shape as you work the press. I don’t know what it’s made out of but it seems to be super strong.
Thanks for letting me try it out and for the extra set of delrin balls. I will keep using it and let you know how it’s holding up. When you introduce it I will give you a thumbs up review! Thanks so much!….Gene.”

*NOTE: Nickels and other hard alloyed coins (brass is o.k.) should be started with a steel mandrel and then finish the folding process with the stabilizer mandrel.

*NOTE: To prolong the life of the cone, be sure to bevel and soften the edges of the hole in the coin just as you would for the delrin balls. With heavy use, this item can be considered to be a consumable.

*Coins not included*
*CAUTION! These are small components and can cause a choking hazard to children. Keep away from children*

For a full and detailed description on how to use these stabilizing folding cones, please refer to my manual which can be purchased here:


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