Universal Stabilizer Folding Mandrel for Hydraulic/Arbor Presses


Estimated delivery: 18 Oct 2021 - 25 Oct 2021

This is the stabilizer folding mandrel designed to replace the Delrin Folding Balls. Designed for the coin ring makers that like to use a hydraulic press or arbor press when folding their coins. This is the same as the folding cones but taller for the longer stroke presses. Use this to begin and finish coin sizes from quarters to silver eagles with holes ranging from 3/8 inch to 5/8 inch. Be sure to protect your mandrel! Always remove the sharp edge of the hole in your coin just as you would for the delrin balls and stabilizer cones.

The mandrel will fold a coin with a 3/8 inch hole and up to a 5/8 inch hole. Common coin sizes would be a quarter up to an American Silver Eagle.

Estimated delivery: 18 Oct 2021 - 25 Oct 2021


The process is to stack at least two reduction dies stacked up on top of on another and place a coin into a suitable sized universal reduction die. (You stack two dies in order to get enough stroke length for the mandrel when it passes through the dies.) Next, Insert the mandrel into the hole of the coin and under the ram of a suitable press. Begin pressing the mandrel into the coin to start the folding process. As the coin is folded, the overall diameter begins to shrink and you will need to place the coin into a smaller reduction die to continue folding. Be sure to anneal the coin as needed during the folding process.

*For a full and detailed description on how to use the stabilizing folding mandrel, please refer to my manual that can be purchased here:




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*Recent reviews and testimonials from customers:

Steve Wiser March 18th, 2017
“I Hi Jason,
I have gotten the impression from your videos that you welcome feedback from others about their experience with making coin rings. Here’s my 2 cents.

I just finished 25 rings made from bronze medallions. I used the Swedish wrap method. I started working 5 at a time.

After the first five I found that when using your starter cone rather than the steel stabilizer folding mandrel for the initial gold I got more consistent uniform folds and less uneven folds.

Using your linen phenolic stabilizer folding cone with a liberal coating of Burlife instead of a Teflon wrapped steel stabilizer folding mandrel saved LOTS of time. Wrapping the steel mandrel each time really slower things down, something you don’t want in production work. The wear on the linen cone was minimal and I consider the cone an economically disposable tool of production. The one pictured folded over 20 bronze medallions.

I tried several methods for the final finishing, wire brushes, scotchbrite pads, foam sanding blocks, sandpaper, etc. My favorite turned out to be Rio’s new pink Sunshine satin finishing and polishing cloth.(pictured) Two steps of finishing without having to set one till down only to pick up another. It conforms well with rounded surfaces and gets inside the ring super easy. A great finish while removing
Minimal material. I used one cloth to finish over 20 rings and still have 80+% wear left. This sunshine cloth is probably the best bench trick I can offer for making coin rings.

That’s it ! I hope all is well on the central coast and I wish I was there for the impossibly green hills the spring wild flowers.

Steve Wiser” From WiserJewelry

Once again, thank you very much and thanks for what you are doing for the craft of coin ring making. Your passions and expertise have elevated it to a level of technical professionalism which wasn’t accessible to beginners before your involvement. Coin ring making is a craft which satisfies creative urges but it can also provide financial rewards – no small thing in today’s economy! Instead of banging away on a mandrel, a time consuming and inaccurate procedure, a novice can quickly and easily make professional quality rings, using your tools and instructions. You’ve made ring quality accessible by cutting down on the learning curve. I’m looking forward to hearing about the new techniques!

2 days ago
Jason, I owe my success as a ring maker to you and your videos on youtube. You are my Yoda – and I would really like to send you a ring. Could you pass me along your PO box when you get a chance. I just want to say thank you. I’ve specialized in 999 fine silver/gold, so that is all I do now and I’d really like to send you one. I figure, if its a bit too small or large, well you can certainly fix it. But shoot me your size too.

Lauro Chavez

“ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES!!!!! Im not receiving anything in exchange for this review, but you gotta know that these tools are the best out there. If you take this craft seriously, and want to provide the best possible results to your rings, you have to go with jasonsworks tools. Period. Even beginners need to know that if you just get jasonsworks tools to begin with, you will save yourself tons of headaches and hassles.”

Capital Coin Rings on Apr 24, 2016
5 out of 5 stars

*Here is a testimonial from a gentleman who tried out the stabilizer folding cones*

“Hello Jason, I got the new delrin replacement tool yesterday and I spent several hours today using it – What a great idea! I am sure that this is going to become the new standard for making coin rings. I don’t know if you can patent it, but when this comes out I think you will be copied by all others who make tools.
No more slipping with the cone shape (but you still have to go slow to make sure the coin stays even). It also gives a more uniform shape as you work the press. I don’t know what it’s made out of but it seems to be super strong.
Thanks for letting me try it out and for the extra set of delrin balls. I will keep using it and let you know how it’s holding up. When you introduce it I will give you a thumbs up review! Thanks so much!….Gene.”


*Coins not included*

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