Made from hardened stainless steel, this anvil is used to help straighten wobbly coin rings and is made to be used with a ring sizing machine or other presses. If your coin ring begins to get a wobble or deformation, especially found in Ben Franklin halves and silver Washington quarters, use this anvil and a press to help straighten it out. This can be used with the ring sizer or an arbor/hydraulic press. You can apply the UHMW adhesive tape to your ram and this anvil to help protect the reeded edge of the coin ring.
"These are handy, I have two, because Im always losing one or the other of them. If you use this in conjunction with the ball bearings, you can straighten just about all of your wobbly rings. and most of the time A little sand paper is needed as well." - James (Etsy, Jan 8, 2018)