Platinum Isle of Man Angel Coin Ring


Platinum Coin Ring: Custom coin ring from Jason’s Works made with the highest quality coin ring making tools available in the USA.

A custom made one troy ounce .999 platinum Isle of Man Angel coin ring. This coin has a bust of the Queen on the obverse and the Angel Michael slaying a dragon on the reverse. This is truly a one of a kind coin ring.

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Here is some information and history of the coin from:

“The Angel was a Gold coin originally introduced into England by Edward IV in 1465 as a new issue of the Noble. Based on a French coin, the Angelot or Ange, its name was derived from the representation of the Archangel St. Michael. A truly iconic coin the Angel, depicting an image of the Archangel Michael slaying the dragon, was thought to bring good luck and health and was traditionally given to sufferers of the disease the “King’s evil” or scrofula, in a medieval ceremony intending to cure them with the “royal touch”.”

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