THE ORIGINAL Auto Coin Ring Starter Kit (NO Spacer Required)


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This starter kit is for the person who is interested in learning the coin ring craft and wants a jump start on tools and techniques.

(NOTE: The punch in this kit does not require spacers to center coins)

This kit is designed to make rings for the most common sized coin rings for men and women.

Please view this video for proper use of the punch:


This kit includes:
– Auto coin ring punch kit. Able to center and punch from a dime to almost a 2 inch coin. Punch sizes
include set of 3 punch sizes of your choice. 1/4″ to 5/8″
– Four folding/reduction 17 degree dies (Good for folding and reducing coins ranging in size from U.S. quarters to Silver Eagles .9 through 1.6 at 17 degree dies)
– Universal stabilizing folding cone set (used to fold all coins)
– Steel starter cone ( Used in the first step in folding to help protect the folding cones)
– Coin ring tool holder (Help keep those tools organized!)
– Coin ring manual (A PDF file will be emailed to you upon processing your order – also available for download inside your My Account / Downloads section) Commonly
known as “The coin ring Bible”. New and free PDF editions will be sent to you upon request.

Other tools that I do not offer will be needed to begin making coin rings. The most critical tool is a ring stretcher/reducer. There are many types available but I recommend the Durston:

Some other tools that may be needed are described in the manual and are available at include:
– brass hammer
– tongs
– tweezers
– polishing cloth
– sanding blocks
– burr life
– renaissance wax
– half round file
– propane torch

Orders will be processed every business morning and will be shipped priority mail 2-3 business days and 10 day international.

Watch a youtube video using the punch:


Always wear safety glasses when using this punch/die set and a brass hammer.


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