• Almost a $20 dollar savings when you purchase this complete kit for folding, stretching, and general forming tools. What you'll receive in this set: - Steel starter cone. (Used to start the fold to protect the folding cones and mandrel) - Folding cones. (Used with ring stretchers/reducers) - Universal Folding Mandrel. (Used with an arbor press or hydraulic press. I like to use mine with a 1 ton arbor press with the steel starter cone first) - Steel Universal Folding Mandrel. (For that really tough brass and larger thick coins. Wrap it in pipe tape to protect your inside detail) - 1/4" folding and stretching mandrel. (Use this tool with an arbor or hydraulic press to both fold and stretch a 1/4" hole in your coin to allow it to fit over your ring stretcher) - MEGA stretcher. A very useful tool. (This will allow you stretch a ring out to a size 23-25. Get one more to double up and make a Morgan sized ring to 1.7" outside diameter. You can make a cuff bracelet with that size!) - Coin ring anvil. (A great tool to help straighten out a wobbly ring. I use it as a spacer and top pressing plate as well. Lots of great uses with this tool) - Wood holder to organize your Jason's Works folding, stretching and forming tools.
  • Now punch up to a 1/4"" hole in your pennies, dimes, and other small coins! This is a custom made 1/4 inch punch, die, penny spacer, dime spacer, and a top plate with a 3/8"" hole to press and hold down the coin. The punch and die are machined from tool steel and hardened to approximately 52 rockwell. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Order the size spacer you need in the drop-down menu below. For multiple coin ring spacers, please add each one you need to your shopping cart separately. Options include:
    • Angel Isle of Man
    • Silver Eagle
    • Morgan Dollar
    • U.S. Presidential dollar, Susan B, and Sacagawea
    • U.S. Half dollar
    • U.S. Quarter
    • U.S. Nickel
    • U.S. Dime (this spacer includes a top plate to hold down your dime in the punch housing)
    These spacers are to be used in conjunction with the self centering coin punch found here: https://jasons.works/product/classic-self-centering-coin-ring-punch-kit-die-set-one-punch-spacer-your-choice/
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