• reduction_dies_original_jasons_works_ring_6 auto_punch_coin_ring_starter_kit_original_jasons_works
    A $621 value! This starter kit is for the person who is interested in learning the coin ring craft and wants a jump start on tools and techniques. (NOTE: The punch in this kit does not require spacers to center coins) This kit is designed to make rings for the most common sized coin rings for men and women. Please view this video for proper use of the punch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIkQy1H6MiI
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  • FULL-SET-of-17-and-25-degree-Universal-dies-.7″-through-1.8″-17-degrees-and-.7-through-1.6-@-25-degrees FULL-SET-of-17-and-25-degree-Universal-dies-.7″-through-1.8″-17-degrees-and-.7-through-1.6-@-25-degrees
    This is a full set of the universal double sided folding and reducing dies ranging from .7" to 1.6" openings at 17 degrees for optimal folding and reducing. These dies can be used in conjunction with the stabilizer folding cones and mandrels to fold U.S. dime to Silver Eagle sized coins leaving no mark on the inside of the coin. This die can also be used to fold and reduce similar sized coins for final sizing of coin rings. These dies can be used in conjunction with each other to pretty much fold and reduce all coins :) *The coins pictured are not included* Copy and paste this address into your internet browser address bar to see a youtube video using a die: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCwPbu1lGLY NOTE: A detailed description of the coin ring making process can be found in "How to Make Coin Rings" training manual found here: https://jasons.works/product/coin-ring-tools-training-manual/
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  • USA Coin Ring Tools - Folding & Stretching Kit - Jason's Works
    Almost a $20 dollar savings when you purchase this complete kit for folding, stretching, and general forming tools. What you'll receive in this set: - Steel starter cone. (Used to start the fold to protect the folding cones and mandrel) - Folding cones. (Used with ring stretchers/reducers) - Universal Folding Mandrel. (Used with an arbor press or hydraulic press. I like to use mine with a 1 ton arbor press with the steel starter cone first) - Steel Universal Folding Mandrel. (For that really tough brass or even steel coins. Wrap it in pipe tape to protect your inside detail) - 1/4" folding and stretching mandrel. (Use this tool with an arbor or hydraulic press to both fold and stretch a 1/4" hole in your coin to allow it to fit over your ring stretcher) - MEGA stretcher. A very useful tool. (This will allow you stretch a ring out to a size 23-25. Get one more to double up and make a Morgan sized ring to 1.7" outside diameter. You can make a cuff bracelet with that size!) - Coin ring anvil. (A great tool to help straighten out a wobbly ring. I use it as a spacer and top pressing plate as well. Lots of great uses with this tool) - Wood holder to organize your Jason's Works folding, stretching and forming tools.
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  • Coin Ring Swedish Wrap Kit Dollar & 1/2 Sized Dollar - Jason's Works
    The coin ring technique called the Swedish Wrap, (created by Mikael Möller from Sweden) is now available! *Now you can make the smallest rings from the biggest coins! This is the full kit and comes with two 2" hardened stainless steel Swedish wrap dies, 5 hardened bronze plungers, and a FREE tool holder, 2 rolls of pipe tape, and a Jason's Works Sticker. These dies are designed to be the most efficient Swedish wrap dies available. Get detailed step by step instructions from my training manual available here: https://jasons.works/product/coin-ring-tools-training-manual/ *COINS AND RINGS NOT INCLUDED*
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  • Classic Coin Ring Tool Punch Upgrade Kit Classic Punch - Original Jason's Works
    Now punch up to a 3/8" hole in your pennies, dimes, and other small coins! This is a custom made 1/4 inch punch, die, penny spacer, dime spacer, and a top plate with a 3/8"" hole to press and hold down the coin. The punch and die are machined from tool steel and hardened to approximately 52 rockwell. Proudly made in the U.S.A.
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